Networking Tips....

Tips for Networking:

1. Always be thinking about the other person, not personal gain. Other people come first. Since most people are concerned with their own personal gain, you'll quickly stand out. Albert Einstein once said, "Strive not to be a person of success, but a person of value."

2. Build a network around an idea that people believe in. They have to believe strongly enough to build trust, a foundation and a core value system. YEC is the example for Scott. This makes it more powerful because everyone participates based on their shared mission. It also establishes a baseline that everyone can identify with that removes small talk and the usual 'walls' by establishing camaraderie among strangers.

3. Maximize access. By connecting others to access, you're providing value-added service. Access is everything. And you can then surround yourself with people that want to work with you.

4. Don't go for meaningless "numbers". Baseball cards might be nice to collect a lot of, but fans and followers are people. Authentic relationships are the key. (Numbers are useful for a personal brand, but not super-connecting.)

5. Systematize it. Create a system for your contacts and review it weekly. Use a list and review weekly to keep what people need top of mind (but, of course, use whatever system works best for you).

6. Always be connecting! Put yourself out there. Dinners, lunches, teas, cocktail parties and even seemingly random events are all opportunities to connect. Be available, be visible, and be helpful.

7. Dedicate real and meaningful time. This is not just a task on a to-do list. This becomes a lifestyle. We spend real time with others, listen to their stories, their needs, and their passions, and really care about bringing value to others without any regard for immediate or future gain.  And, please treat an appointment with someone as a vital part of your business.  Don't cancel or be a no-show.  How you treat someone over coffee is seen as how you would treat a potential referral.

8. Be a hybrid. Being able to connect different worlds is crucial, especially as business becomes more hybrid-based (i.e. ed-tech or fashion tech). Knowing people in your own industry is great, but it will become more common for people to need assistance and partnerships beyond their traditional boundaries and comfort zones. Those who can connect the dots across industries will become even more valuable.

9. Above all else, be there to help people. We have all heard that "How can I help you?" is the most important phrase you'll say in a meeting. It's also the most important phrase for a superconnector.

10. Be respectful. Don't take advantage of people. Don't ask someone for help with your problem, allow them to spend hours doing research for you, and then tell them "Oh, by the way, I am going to hire my good friend who I forgot was in the same business as you".  We all have causes that we volunteer for.  Helping you might not be our chosen cause.  Would you walk into a hair salon, get a haircut, and then walk out without paying?


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