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Start time: Morning Meetings at 7:30 AM at Chatfield, One Chatfield Drive, West Hartford 06110 (on New Britain Ave). There are three buildings- we meet in the building on the left 




August 30 - WWIN at Chatfield- One Chatfield Drive, West Hartford 06110. 7:30 AM- 9:15 AM.  Guest speaker this morning will be Jordan Polon! 

 Executive Director of the Hartford Business Improvement District  an organization that works to create a safer, cleaner, and more attractive environment for employees, residents, and visitors to Hartford’s commercial core..

The mission of the Hartford Business Improvement District (HBID) is to bring about positive and lasting change by enhancing the economic vitality and quality of life within the District.


Polon’s professional career spans over two decades in stage and event management, pyrotechnics, marketing, and urban place management. Her theater and events background has come in handy when producing the UConn Women’s and Men’s Basketball Championship Victory Parades year after year. In her previous role as Director of Marketing for the HBID, she created the grassroots Hartford Has It messaging initiative. Last year, under her leadership, the HBID launched the first free, onsite bicycle roadside assistance program in the nation, for which she received international attention.

Polon is an active member of the International Downtown Association (IDA). She was one of 26 people to be chosen for IDA’s inaugural 2016 Emerging Leader Fellowship Program, out of a community of 4,500 place-management professionals. She serves on the boards of Business for Downtown Hartford, iQuilt, and the Hartford Chamber of Commerce.

Polon spends much of her free time proving that Hartford has it, attending events around the city with her husband and extraordinarily feisty seven-year-old daughter.

Come and learn about their many initiatives and programs to enhance life in the capital city.

"Put the financial stuff aside and all of the challenges the administration is facing," Polon says, "In terms of what I do here, the kinds of friends I've made … I couldn't hope to live in a better place."

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The meeting will also include Introductions, Networking, breakfast snacks, possibly door prizes?. Bring business cards, brochures etc.
Meeting cost: $2



















































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