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Start time: Morning Meetings at 7:30 AM at Chatfield, One Chatfield Drive, West Hartford 06110 (on New Britain Ave just behind Shake Shack). There are three buildings- we meet in the building on the LEFT.



April 25 - WWIN at Chatfield/Brookdale. One Chatfield Drive, West Hartford, 7:30AM. 


 Come join us for another great WWIN session of learning and connecting. We will have Introductions, Networking -bring lots of business cards-breakfast snacks and door prizes kindly offered by our attendees.
Our presenter this morning will be Dr. Bridget Cooper- and she should be a blast!
What happens when your well-crafted plan is hijacked, causing you to fail publicly with thousands of eyes watching? It happened to Bridget. Live on a TEDx stage.She will share her  lessons learned the hard way and how she survived  the most  humiliating and devastating moment..


Dr. Bridget Cooper is a cage rattler. Change strategist. Thought shifter. Best-selling author of five books on communication, conflict, change, and empowerment. And, lover of higher consciousness and even higher heels! Her ambitious mission is to change the world, one hopeful life at a time. Born onto the welfare system and raised by wolves, she’s made her own success, one broken fingernail at a time.


She knows heartache and hopelessness and she also knows the power of the mind and spirit to carry you upward.


Bottom line: “Dr. B” sculpts the leader in all of us by making us better people first.


Her clients run the gamut from the Girl Scouts to Vietnam Vets. From universities to jails. From insurance companies to massage therapists. Her secret mission is to bring all of these groups together someday and see what fun transpires!

She’s lived in California, Florida, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, but now happily resides in Connecticut where she’s single-handedly raising two spunky, sassy, and ambitious young women. She theoretically loves to cook, explore the outdoors, and pursue her lust for travel but says her aforementioned daughters dominate her time with other adventures. For now.


The meeting will also include introductions, networking, door prizes, and breakfast snacks. There will be a display table, and attendees are welcome to bring business cards, brochures etc. New attendees are welcome and there is no membership fee. The meeting cost is $2 person.
sn order t increase their bottom line.


Bring business cards, brochures, etc.

Meeting fee:$2.  RSVP appreciated
May 30-WWIN at Chatfield. 7:30AM presents Victoria Christgau, Executive Director of the CT Center for Nonviolence.

The Connecticut Center for Nonviolence (CTCN) is a leader in Nonviolence education. Dedicated to bringing people from diverse communities together in dialogue and creative expression to explore the root causes of violence and to learn constructive methods of developing and applying alternative solutions. They have certified hundreds of adults and youth in  the Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation curriculum. CTCN has also trained the New Haven Police and the New Britain Police departments over the last three years.


The Talk:

Creating a Culture of Nonviolence in our Communities:

Victoria will speak about the bridge-building work that the CT Center for Nonviolence is doing and has done with community partners in Connecticut and beyond.


Victoria Christgau


Founder / Executive Director of the Connecticut Center for Nonviolence (CTCN), Victoria is a lifelong  nonviolence educator and vocalist.  She founded and produced of the Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Commemoration of Litchfield County, CT, for 20 years. Ms. Christgau has been a Performing and Teaching Artist for twenty-eight years, working nationally and with HOT Schools in Connecticut; Ms. Christgau founded the Connecticut Center for Nonviolence at the request of her mentor, legendary civil rights leader, Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr.  She continues to work closely with him around the country. She has directed hundreds of people of all ages in training and implementing the philosophy and strategies of Kingian Nonviolence across racial, social, economic and generational divides.


June 27-  WWIN at Chatfield 7:30AM. Presentation on women's history by Briann Greenfield, Executive Director of the Harriett Beecher Stowe Center.





















































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