This page is for announcements from our members about other activities they are involved in.

March 11-French Conversation group for those who enjoy conversing in that language, 7:15 PM. Panera Bread, West Hartford.

February 21- German conversation group for those who enjoy conversing in that language, 7:15 PM. Panera Bread, West Hartford. For details, ask Dianne.


February 12- Crumbling Foundations Real Estate Forum, 9-11am, Maneeley’s Banquet Facility, 65 Rye St., South Windsor (registration required)—Connecticut is experiencing a crisis with home foundations crumbling due to an excess of the mineral pyrrhotite in the concrete mix used to build thousands of homes in Tolland County and beyond from about 1983 to 2015.  The real estate market (along with many other aspects of life) is taking an extraordinary hit due to the problem.  Join WWIN member Attorney Sarah Poriss, along with other attorneys, real estate agents and real estate appraisers to understand the current situation with the crisis and what it will mean for real estate throughout Connecticut.  Click here to register:


April 2- Crumbling Foundations and Mortgages—To Pay or Not To Pay?  6:30-8pm, Rockville High School (Free)- If you have a crumbling foundation, or think you have one, or live in an area where home values are affected by crumbling foundations, you may be wondering if paying your mortgage is "worth it." After all, the goal is to gain equity in your property with every monthly payment, but if your home value has dropped drastically because of the crumbling foundation crisis, you are probably looking for answers. There are a variety of options with regard to paying or not paying your mortgage that will be explored in this presentation for affected homeowners. Taught by an experienced consumer protection attorney whose main focus is mortgage litigation, you will take away new information and strategies from this seminar to guide your future plans. WWIN member Attorney Sarah Poriss will present.  Click here for more information and note that registration for this event is free but must be done through mail or by phone 860-870-6060:






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